Public Liability Insurance

With Public Liability Insurance, you are given the opportunity to cover the claims of third parties for causing bodily harm and / or material damage, due to accidental act or omission during the operation of your business.

Public Liability Insurance Categories

  • General Public Liability Insurance
  • Employer Public Liability Insurance
  • Product Public Liability Insurance
  • Environmental Liability Insurance

In collaboration with you, we record the specific characteristics of your business (sectors of activity, geographical area) and then we analyze the most important risks you may face and their possible consequences.

Next, we present to you a personalized plan for dealing with these risks, so you can choose the level of protection you want for your partners and customers.

Insure at DHR Chronakis Insurance & Secure

  • Risk Management Experience and Expertise
  • Customer Support in Claims and Compensation
  • Multi-year Retroactive Effect and Extended Announcement Period
  • Possibility of Global coverage

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